Saturday, February 28, 2009

Jacob, aka Survivorman

Last night was movie night in our house and I let J pick the show this week. His choice? Survivorman. He loves this show and Man v. Wild. We suffered through it. I put the kids to bed pretty early because L had an early basketball game. So...this morning I was making the rounds waking all the kids up when I went in Jake's room and didn't see him on his top bunk, or his bottom bunk. However, I did see this blanket hanging from the slats of the top bunk and felt it and guess what. He was tucked away peacefully sleeping in a cocoon. At least I can rest assure that he could successfully make a hammock from his blankets and slats should he ever get into any kind of trouble and need to "survive" ha! ha!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Pics from the Park

Last night before church I took the kids to the park. They have so much fun there, but my goodness wearing high heels in a pit of wood chips makes for a difficult time chasing three wild kids. ha! But I think the kids really had fun. We had stopped at Chick-Fil-A before to pick up dinner and it was out lucky day because they were out of kid toys and instead they were giving the kids free ice cream!! Okay so I wasn't all that excited at first when I heard it and almost told them not to worry about it (really, a 2 year old w/ ice cream in the car? not a good idea) anyway what kind of mom would I be if I had said no? A bad one! So we made it all the way to the park to eat them and what did they do? I handed each one their bowl and spoon and we made our way up the sidewalk where the walked by the trashcan and quickly threw them away. No kidding. After the park we went to church where Jacob was singing for the Ash Wednesday service and he did so good. I was a proud momma. He takes his singing very seriously. He is still talking about how he didn't have a solo! Poor kid, he has no idea he has our genes which carries not a single note in tune. We just smile and say maybe next time.

Today has been so warm and I love it. News says it's going to be colder for the weekend. GO figure.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Pony Party

Here are a couple pics from a birthday party today. They had a pony there for rides. Lauren of course couldn't get enough and Will really didn't want to, but did it anyway. I think he ended up having fun though. Jacob wasn't interested.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Low Key Friday Night

We had a really low key night tonight. We have been running around like crazy the last couple of weeks so it was nice to spend an evening at home. Preston met me at the gym after work and we worked out for a while. The kids love the nursery so it is so nice to be able to take them and not worry. Then I took Will to get his hair cut. This doesn't happen very often. Since he had so many problems with his ears and surgeries, dr appts, shots, he does not like to have his head/ears touched by anyone. I usually do it, but really my "equipment" consists of kitchen scissors and a clipper set from 10 years ago. I had him really excited before hand and he grabbed about 5 suckers from the front, but once they called him back, he screamed. The whole time. It was messy. The poor girl I'm sure gave the quickest cut of her life but it turned out great. He's bound to be a few pounds lighter. So we made pizza when we go home for the kids, popped popcorn and after baths they watched Space Chimps.Tomorrow is the parade for the rodeo and we have to wake up super early because P and I are judges for all of the float entries. It is supposed to be so cold, I am not looking forward to freezing out in the wind for hours. The kids always have a good time though so it's worth it.

Jake went to his follow up appt for his back and was cleared for all normal activity. He is so excited. They say he isn't at any more risk than the next person for re-injuring the vertebrae so that is really good news.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I have been struggling a bit lately. I am a major control freak! I know it-I can admit it. But it is causing me a lot of problems lately. I have recently become aware that I am NOT the one in control (well not really just figured out, but just acknowledged). I have been under a great deal of stress lately. It's a whole culmination of things that I won't even begin to list here. But none of it is in my control. Really trying to come to grips with this has been a little overwhelming. At the same time though, I know deep down who is in control. The more time I spend in my devotional, the more time I want my God to take over my life. And I've got to tell you the past couple of days have been refreshing. I deal with the things I can control, and the rest I leave God to handle. I am trying to be more patient so I can listen to what He wants me to do instead of just acting on what I think I should do. And that's it. Just though I would share what's on my heart tonight.

Monday, February 9, 2009

My Momma

Not too long a go I wrote a post for my mom for her birthday. And a couple of posts ago I told you she had an infection. The infection is in her bone at her ankle. They think it might have been caused by a stress fracture at some time, but are not completely certain how it could have started. So tonight I would ask that you really lift her up in prayer. She had an appointment with her dr and he scheduled her this afternoon to have a port put in. You know, it's that thing they put under your skin on your chest so they don't have to poke you all the time to administer meds. She went in around 1 and they didn't even sedate her. She was awake. She said it hurt really bad. She is still in a lot of pain on her neck around where it was placed. Poor thing. So her treatment schedule goes something like this. Everyday for the next six weeks she goes to the hyper-baric chamber place and spends 2 hours in there. While in there, they will administer IV antibiotics through her port. She will also be in a boot on her foot. So with all that said, could you please pray for her. She needs for this infection to be completely healed by the end of this treatment.
Thank you.


So I had mentioned that P and I were going out of town together...with no kids. Well we got home around 8ish last night and I was glad to be home.
I can remember as a child loving to go on a trip just so you could stay in a hotel. I don't know exactly what has happened to me as a grown up, but I loathe hotels. The mere thought of what is lurking in the carpet, or worse, the sheets just sends chills up my spine. So let me rewind a bit and say that of course if you know P then you know he is c-h-e-a-p in every sense of the word. Everything is a waste of money where he is concerned. He actually thinks the grocery store should cost no more than $30 a week for our family of 5! Anyway, he heard from a buddy that using Hotwire was really cool. So last month when we went to Dallas we used it for the first time and were pleasantly surprised to see that our hotel was actually very nice and I think we got it for around fifty bucks. I still did not undress and slept completely clothed with socks on and on my pillow so as not to touch any part of the hotel linens. Okay, so fast-forward to present day. P had a class in Odessa and we thought what a perfect time for a quick getaway just the two up us. He'd be in a class all Sat and Sun so I would have all of this time to myself to read and shop or whatever fits my fancy. Last week we got on Hotwire and the most stars you could get were a 3 which was okay because in Dallas the really nice place we stayed in was a 3 also. I was okay with that. Let's stop here and say that a 3 in Dallas is most definitely much different than a 3 in Odessa. I really wanted to take pictures, but in all honesty you would say it wasn't half bad. But... if I had a smell-o-camera, now that would do it justice. The smell was ugghh. It was almost unbearable. After lunch on Saturday we checked in for the first time and well, I was really sad I had no other errands to run. So he dropped me off and I sat very cautiously on the recliner (I know, bad choice, it was fabric and had a suspicious stain, but it was the lesser of two evils here). And I didn't move. I read for the next 5 hours and the only interruption I had was the 9 trains that went flying by during this time. Needless to say, yes I am ashamed to admit it, but I made Preston take me out to dinner-for a really long time-so I could have a few drinks before I had to go back and sleep in that bed. I had come prepared though and brought my own sheets. They were only a twin size, so Preston had to sleep on the others. He is so gross it totally doesn't bother him and he even pulled them up to his nose and inhaled BIGGG time! Ewwww!
But I survived. And although I'm sure it would take a few days before anything started to significantly eat away at my skin, I think I got out of their pretty much unscathed. Oh and for the sheets, I left them there. There is no way I was bringing them back to the house.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

What to Say...

I haven't posted in a while and really have not a lot to say, but I feel the need to or I might lose my reader. Here is my life summed up:

  • Tomorrow marks the anniversary of Vickie's death. It's going to be a tough day. Dad is taking off, but we could really use prayers. I'll take the kids to her grave after school tomorrow and they can leave her a card. I can't believe it's been a year.
  • Valentine's Day is quickly approaching and I very badly would like to do something special (because he would never expect it) for my husband, but what?
  • I have fallen behind on my devotional, but I am going to make it! I will do it!
  • I have started working it.
  • The kids are doing wonderfully. Lauren had a sinus infection/ear infection but you would never know it. I only took her to the dr because her cough was keeping everyone awake at night. She is such a trooper.
  • Preston and I are going out of town this weekend, with no kids. Whatever will I do with my self (Preston will be in a class all day both days.) I hope to read a lot.
  • Work stinks. It's so stressful this time of year. No one is happy, including myself.
  • My mom has had a swollen ankle for a couple of months and come to find out she has bone infection. YIKES! She needs a lot of prayer. She will find out more about treatment the beginning of the week. On a funny note, the nurse told mom the last man that has this infection only lost two toes!?! What? Why on earth would you tell that to a patient. Mom being the trooper she is just said "Okay".
  • I have taken no pictures of the kids in weeks. It's bad when my two year old tells me to "go get your camera".
  • Will got a peanut butter jar out of the pantry yesterday morning (after he was dressed and ready to go to school) and proceeded to stick his fist in it and lick off the peanut butter. I really needed my camera then, but time left me without.
  • Harper's going home! Yea! It drives Preston crazy that I follow blogs and keep up with them the way I do, but come on, it's become a necessity. Praise God for her story.
  • That's it. Absolutely nothing worth posting an entire post about. If I could only ask for your prayers for my dad this weekend and for my mom and her treatment I would greatly appreciate it.

I hope to have something worth devoting an entire post soon, and maybe even with some pics.