Thursday, December 27, 2007

Merry Christmas

I can't believe Christmas is over already. It was a wonderful few days. We were all very busy visiting everyone in our family but really enjoyed the time we spent with everyone. The children have had a great time enjoying all of thier new toys and activities and are very grateful to everyone who thought of them this season. Though more than toys and clothes I also feel it is very important for them not to lose the meaning of Christmas and what gift God has given us.
Everyone has gone back to work now and it is just me and the kids during the day. They have so much fun here at our house and in the pasture, I am confident this is where they need to be. I hope everyone had a great holiday and safe travels returning home.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Round 2......

Will update...
We still don't have the culture back or all of the bloodwork. One part of the bloodwork was sent to his pedi's office and it showed that he is anemic and they want him to start on iron supplements. I am hoping within the next few hours the office will call back with at least the culture.
I actually figured out my camera and computer yesterday. I can actually take pictures and pull them up immediately. Here is Will and Lauren in front of the Christmas tree. I know it looks terrible I don't have one of Jakes, but naturally he was out hunting with his father. :)

By the way, some were having trouble leaving comments and I have changed it to where it is much easier now to comment on the blog.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

The first time

I can't believe I am doing this. Besides time and being technology impaired we'll have to see how far I go with this.
The kids are getting really excited about Christmas and the time off. We are hoping Will being out of daycare for those two weeks will siginificantly help him get well. He had surgery again on Friday to have his adnoids removed and she put in a new different kind of tubes. She said they have significant scarring and isn't sure if this is going to help. She went ahead and did blood work to see now if he might have an immune deficiency since he has an awful bug in his ears that he can't get rid of. She also said depending on the culture she did and the results pending that she wants to put him on Cipro which Preston and I have opted not to do. We'll keep you updated with the test results.
Lauren is the best little helper and has helped me do everything around the house with Will not feeling well. Jaocb and Preston have been hunting like crazy and killed two more bucks last night. If anyone needs meat you know where to come. I'll update pictures next entry.