Thursday, October 29, 2009




Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I thought it was supposed to be fall? We even had a teaser week. Sunday was downright cold, and today....96 degrees! I am tired of sweating! I am really hoping the cooler weather makes it's way back to our parts because I need it.
I have had the hardest time getting things done around the house, and by the time I had, I was totally crazy by it. Then it hit me. I have a chores chart posted inside that pantry for the big kids to do each day they get home and after they do homework. I actually have started making them do their part and guess what. Harmony! I am a nice mommy again, and the kids have taken to it nicely. (it might have something to do with the potential to make money each week, but I'd like to think they just do it because they are superb kids) Our nights and now even our mornings have gone so smoothly and we're all getting to bed on time. What a thought!
Last Friday I was getting ready to have a girl's night with my small group and P was taking the kids to the football game. Jacob decided to park the golf cart before they left. He decided to do a little trick that Daddy has been working on where they speed into the garage and then turn the wheel and slide into place. I'm thinking Jacob needs a little more practicing since he drove it through the wall. No kidding. Thankfully it didn't go through the brick, but straight through everything else. I'll need to get a picture of that. P couldn't get mad, because Lauren was right on his heels going "He learned it from you DAD! He probably learned it from YOU!" I had to walk away before they all saw me laugh. What do you do???