Monday, February 4, 2008

Ups and Downs

When we updated last, everything seemed to be doing better. We went back up Sunday morning and her night had been awful. The medecine was too much for her and sedated her completely. This along with a new infection and high fever led to an increase in her heart rate. They spent most of Sunday trying to get her more conscious and this left her in excrutiating pain. They moved on to a morphine pump that she had to push to medicate and this too is challenging since she is often asleep and too weak. The infection came back to be a bladder infection and they have already had her on antibiotics since yesterday morning. Her fever has come back down as of tonight as well as her increased heart rate. The dr would like to have all of her medications under control and infection cleared before sending them home. It looks like they will be able to get an air ambulance that fits them both to bring her home and then an ambulance will pick them up at the airport to take them the rest of the way home. I know she and dad are very anxious to get back home to the comforts of their own house. Amy and I are in the process of getting everything ready for when that day comes. We are hoping no later than the end of the week they will be here. The dr did mention trying another round of radiation to shrink the tumors in the back to alleviate some of that pain, I don't think she is up for any more chemo or radiation, but I know her and dad are processing all situations. He is absolutely exhausted but seems to be holding on. Vickie's brother has been up there with him the last two days and I know an old friend will be up there tomorrow night to be with him. We just ask that right now everyone prays not only for comfort and peace, but for understanding and clear thoughts. We also pray for safe travels and for her to be in no pain during the trip. PLease send this to anyone who you know is needing to be updated. We will be adding to it nightly.

Sunday, February 3, 2008


Well, it's Sunday and Amy, Shane, Preston and I are getting ready to go to the hospital to visit before we fly out. A dr came in yesterday morning with the results from the MRI done late Friday afternoon. It showed that the spine was pretty well "covered" and was the reason for the excruciating pain she is in. They are trying to get the right combination of drugs to keep her comfortable and prepare to come home. They will talk to Dr. Fogelman on Monday and hopefully have some options for them. We expect to have them home by Thursday. Please continue to pray for comfort and peace, and safe travel.

Friday, February 1, 2008


I am updating many of you on Vickie. We flew into Houston this afternoon to be with dad and Vickie. They got all of the tests in from the drs here and the reports are not good. They show much more growth of lesions on her bones. There is quite a significant one on her spine. They ran one final MRI this afternoon with concerns that her spine might now be compressed. She has been admitted to the hospital here for pain control as well as trying to give her some nutrition through her IV. We are looking at possibilities on how to transport her home. We are hoping they will use the Medi Helicopter to bring her home. We should know more about all of this within the next 2 days. PLease keep your prayers coming. We are seeking a miracle.