Monday, January 28, 2008


I am happy to give updates from the Scherr household!!
Jacob is doing much better, his fever broke over the weekend and he has played outside today with no serious asthma issues. Lauren did have her fingernail removed and it was very infected. There was a large cut under the nail that needed a stitch to close it up. He put her on 2 strong antibiotics to help fight the infection and she seems to be feeling much better. Now for Will, he is the same his ear is still draining and we are "patiently" waiting for our appointment with the new dr here in town for Wednesday.
Dad and Vickie flew out early this morning. I talked to him around 11:30 and they were getting settled into the hotel and going to try to rest for the next day. She is in severe pain around her abdomen and back area. Hopefully the drs there can help with that.
Here are pictures of the kids riding 4 wheelers this afternoon. I had to post both because Will has such a crazy face on the one with all 3 of them I wanted everyone to know he does have a better smile than that.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

At last

Vickie finished her last treatment of radiation and received her certificate. SHe is scheduled to get out of the hospital tonight around 6:00pm. She well get to go home and they are flying out to Houston Monday morning at 6:00am. They are very anxious to get there. Her appointments for testing are for Wednesday and they should see a dr on Thursday or Friday. PLease pray for her to stay well enough to travel and well enough to go through these rigorous tests. We should finally have more answers by the end of this week.
Will is still the same. He has an appointment scheduled with a Pediatric ENT Specialist in Ft Worth, but that isn't until Feb25. We are just supposed to wait it out until then. I can't stand that. There is another ENT here in twon, actually his current dr's partner who is going to see him on Wednesday and see if he can offer any more answers to what is causing this chronic ear infection that is impossible to kill. I can't wait to have more answers. He deserves a chance to feel good for the first time in a long time.
Preston is at the dr with Lauren right now becuase her finger has gotten much worse. I think it might be infected up above the fingernail cuticle. It has a horrific smell to it. We have become very concerned. I can't wait to hear what they have to say about that.
Clearly we havew a lot gong on, and I will give updated to all of these dr's appointments next week.
Please keep us in your prayers.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

More to tell

Since my last entry, the dr has spoke with her dr at MD Anderson and he advised that she complete the radiation therapy here as long as she could. She had to do radiation this week and Friday morning will be her last. They have plans to fly out Friday afternoon to Houston and the dr there said he is ready for her whenever she makes it. They have discharged her from the hospital gain, and have found a house here in town from a church where they are staying and home health is coming to her. This way she can have the comforts of home, while still having the IV hooked up. Traveling back and forth everyday for radiation from their house in Dove Creek is just too far for her, and she gets very sick in the car. So staying close by is what is best for her. We still ask for everyone's thoughts and prayers to be coming this way. We will know more hopefully at the end of the week or first of next week.

As for my family, Thursday proved to be a trying day. Started out with me having pink eye, and then Preston called from work and apparently knocked himself out somehow and split his head open. He had to get stitches and has a concussion. He is better now. And then when the kids got home and out of the car, Lauren proceeded to slam her thumb in the car door. Jacob had to run over and open it back up so she could free herself. It is so nasty looking. I don't think it is broken, she is able to move it some, but it is very swollen and very black. My stomach just hurts every time I look at it. And for baby Will, he got off his 21 day antibiotic treatment on Wednesday, and lo and behold, Friday night and Saturday he was holding his right ear. I knew something must be wrong and so today when he woke up, it is now draining puss and blood from it. I will take him back to the dr tomorrow and wait to hear the verdict. Most likely we are looking at hospitalization and I will also see about a referral to some place that may have some idea what is causing this continual infection. I'll let you know tomorrow.
Jacob is the only well, unhurt person in the family right now. Who would have thought that would have been the case a few years back :)
As for tonight, I am making a special dinner for Preston's birthday for my family to come over, I can't believe he is 29!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Roller Coasters

It has been an incredible roller coaster for the last two and a half weeks. It has taken a long time before I could sit down and update this thing.

Cancer is an unbelievable journey of peaks and valleys. They have an appointment for MD Anderson for the end of the month. She has successfully completed her first round of chemo. It ended on Saturday. They then tried to wean her off the IV drugs and onto pill forms and discharged her late Monday night. SHe deteriorated quickly while at home. She couldn't keep anything down and became dehydrated quickly. Dad brought her back to the hospital last night and she was readmitted. SHe is now under the care of a new doctor(who we wnated from the beginning) and he has assigned her a case worker who is trying to expedite her leaving to Houston ASAP. SHe has perked up remakable well just being back on IV fluids and keeping hydrated. SHe is still in a lot of pain in her hip, back and head. She has 7 more radiation treatments on the braind and 3 or 4 left on her hip. I will keep posting as new development incur.

We need all the prayers you can send our way. Ask anyone and everyone you know to add her to their prayer lists. Thanks.

I also added pics of the kids. They can always make you smile!

Saturday, January 5, 2008


I left the last entry with the news of Vickie in the hopital and test being run. We now have all of the results we have been waiting on. Turns out she has Stage four Colo-rectal cancer that has spread to almost every organ except the lungs. Her brain has lesions as well as some bone. She underwent surgery today to put the port in to administer chemo. She will start radiation on Monday only on the lesions in the brain as well as some that are on or above the femur. Chemo will start Tuesday and will be 24 hours for one week. They are hoping to have an appointment at MD Anderson in about a week. We need all of the prayers from anyone you can talk to. I will keep you updated.

As for Will, he had his post op appointment and went as I had expected it would. His left tube is blocked (again) and the right ear is infected (again). We opted to do the Levaquin antibiotic one more try for 7 days. If he does not respond to it this time, then he will be put in the hospital for IV antibiotics. Please keep him in your prayers as well.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year

2008---WOW! another year has flown by. We ended last year as a dud (I didn't even make it to midnight), but Preston did ring it in alone.--poor guy. I hope everyone has a safe night. This morning proved quite a bit more eventful. Lauren lost her first tooth. She was soooo excited. She has checked under her pillow all day to make sure the tooth fairy hadn't come already. She is confidnet she has reached a major milestone in her young childhood. It is really cute. Here are some pictures of her and her newly missing tooth.

On the Will medical front. Same stuff, different day. He finished the new strong antibiotic on Friday, and also had his 18 month check up on the came day. He said both ears looked clear and we were happy to hear we are on the road to recovery....however Sunday morning he woke up with fever of 102 and his right ear is now draining. We are very frustrated and concerned. He has an appointment on Thursday for another post-op visit and I guess we will know more then.

As for the rest of us this is also a very sad New Years day. My dad's wife ,ickie, has been admitted to the hospital last night with severe headaches. A CT scan showed a mass the size of a nickel on the left side of her brain. Further testing done this morning from an MRI showed lesions on all parts of the brain. The doctors have ordered more CT scans of her chest, abdomen, and pelvis to see if anything else shows up in those areas. It is all very early and that is really all that we know so far. I will keep you updated with any new developments. Love you all. Enjoy the pictures.