Monday, November 23, 2009

Too Much Fun!

We woke up Saturday morning and surprised the kids with a little day trip to San Antonio and took them to Fiesta Texas. We took this motor home to drive down there and it was so much fun! This is the way to travel. We went with some friends of ours and there were 11 of us in there and we fit perfect.

Here is Will at the table watching a movie.
Lauren and Kaitlyn on the top bed checking it all out.
Jacob in the back bedroom getting settled in to watch another movie.
He is way too cool to look directly at the camera!
Lauren posing!
Will in his regular picture pose. ( I realized this is how most of his pictures are!)
Most of the clan.
Will on his first ride.
A rare picture of Preston.
Lauren, Will, and Kaitlyn. They're teaching Will to raise his arms on the rides. :)
And here is Will on a roller coaster. (Note to self: You get very sick if you're riding a roller coaster and looking through a camera lens, no matter how babyish the ride!)
He said it was the "rules" to put your hands in the air.
I love this picture. Pure joy.
We're on the big swing here. (Another bad idea to go round and round looking through the camera!) I can remember going on this as a little girl and I think I screamed so bad I made them stop the ride and get me off. ha!
This ride was awful! My legs were shaking so bad I could barely get off. I did the only thing a good mom would do and encouraged my son to go on it after me.
Not sure about this look. They were a little tired of the camera by now.
Hilarious!!!! Preston made himself so sick on this ride he got it spinning so fast.
I think he's a perfect fit in that bumper car. What do you think?
And finally after the last ride of the evening.
We had so much fun. We bought season passes and cannot wait to go back. The park was practically empty and we were able to walk up to every ride and have literally no wait. We will never do another park in the summer again. Perfect weather only added to the fantastic day.


The Fryar's said...

FUN!!!! Can't wait for Matt, Rylan and I to join the fun!